We are Taylor and Victoria


We’re Taylor and Victoria! We’ve been married since 2021 and welcomed our daughter in September 2022! 

We have personally ordered storks for family and friends, as well as had a stork rented for us when our daughter was born! Having a stork sign is such a special way to share the news of your brand-new baby with the world. We loved how much joy the storks brought others, as well as ourselves, and wanted to spread happiness in the Durham/ Chapel Hill area! 

Let us help you celebrate and welcome home your new bundle of joy!

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Our Sweetie Bird Process in 3 easy steps

Step 1: You Decide

Decide the new baby celebration yard signs you would like to rent from the available options – Stork Yard Signs (in Pink or Blue), Star Yard Signs, Dog Bones, and Cat Signs.

Step 2: You Pay

As soon as the baby is born, or you have a date for your event, fill in all the information correctly and make payment online here to reserve the storks.

We do not take reservations for birth announcements and take up to 48 hours to deliver. Reservations can be made for baby showers/sip and see/gender reveals.

Step 3: We Install

We will install the sign in your yard and pick it up after 7 days (for birth announcements) or 1 day (for event rentals). We leave behind any personalized bundles, stars, or pet signs. Generic Bundles are not left behind.